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10 Ton Flat Webbing Sling

Flat Webbing Sling
Flat Webbing Sling

The 10 ton flat webbing sling is ideal for lifting, pulling and towing.

This sling has been carefully tested to a 7:1 breaking limit to certify that they are safe to use with the weight specified.

Your order will include the date of manufacture, serial number, safe loading limits and certification to keep for your own record.




3M, 4M, 5M, 6M, 7M, 8M, 10M, 12M



Breaking Strain


Manufactured in



CE, GS and TUV Approved

Product Material

Polyester Webbing

Conforms to



Individually shrink wrapped


If in stock – next working day

Delivery to

UK Mainland only (for outside UK Mainland please contact office)

ThumbnailSKUColourLengthWidthBreaking StrainWeightPriceQuantity
flat-webbing-sling#FS-E7DEE100-3MOrange3M300mm10000kg8.36 KG £ 47.22

5 in stock

flat-webbing-sling#FS-E7DEE100-4MOrange4M300mm10000kg9.74 KG £ 58.53

1 in stock

flat-webbing-sling#FS-E7DEE100-5MOrange5M300mm10000kg12.87 KG £ 71.85

4 in stock

flat-webbing-sling#FS-E7DEE100-6MOrange6M300mm10000kg14.82 KG £ 82.6

3 in stock

flat-webbing-sling#FS-E7DEE100-7MOrange7M300mm10000kg16.45 KG £ 97.09

2 in stock

flat-webbing-sling#FS-E7DEE100-8MOrange8M300mm10000kg18.90KG £ 106.62

4 in stock

flat-webbing-sling#FS-E7DEE100-10MOrange10M300mm10000kg20.98 KG £ 129.42

12 in stock

flat-webbing-sling#FS-E7DEE100-12MOrange12M300mm10000kg25.05 KG £ 152.25

10 in stock

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