A round polyester webbing strap has a few key advantages over other lifting or towing solutions, such as chains or ropes. Heavy duty webbing is suitable for bearing high working loads, while being much lighter and much more flexible than the alternatives. This makes it ideal for portable applications.

Each of our round webbing slings are approved with a 7:1 breaking strain factor and are individually shrink wrapped. Information such as manufacturing date, serial number, safe working load limits and safety certification within the packaging

Our round webbing slings are suitable for lifting, pulling and towing tasks. All products are colour coded to European Standards making them easy and safe to quickly identify.

The measured length for round polyester webbing slings is the length stretched out (EWL), not the circumference, so for example a 1 metre sling would be 2 metre circumference.

To browse our selection of round webbing slings and straps, explore the categories below. We cater to a range of working loads, colour coded according to established European Standards.