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12 Ton Round Webbing Sling ‘Single Sleeve’

12 Ton Round Webbing Sling with Single Sleeve
12 Ton Round Webbing Sling with Single Sleeve

Although round webbing slings are light, they can still handle a heavy workload.

Our versatile 12 ton round webbing sleeve is available in a range of sizes. The measured length for Round Polyester Webbing slings is the length stretched out (EWL), not the Circumference, so for example a 1 metre sling would be 2 metre around.

With a weight limit of 12 tons, you will be able to secure the majority of applications, including cars, vans and wagons.

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Breaking Strain





2M, 4M, 6M, 8M, 10M, 12M



ThumbnailSKUBreaking StrainWidthLengthColourWeightPriceQuantity
round-webbing-sling-single-sleeve-12-ton#RS-E7EN12T-2M12000kg100mm2MOrange5.24 kg £ 27.66

Out of stock

round-webbing-sling-single-sleeve-12-ton#RS-E7EN12T-4M12000kg100mm4MOrange9.36 kg £ 54.98

Out of stock

round-webbing-sling-single-sleeve-12-ton#RS-E7EN12T-6M12000kg100mm6MOrange13.65 kg £ 83.52

Out of stock

round-webbing-sling-single-sleeve-12-ton#RS-E7EN12T-8M12000kg100mm8MOrange17.72 kg £ 109.63

Out of stock

round-webbing-sling-single-sleeve-12-ton#RS-E7EN12T-10M12000kg100mm10MOrange21.98 kg £ 142.42

Out of stock

round-webbing-sling-single-sleeve-12-ton#RS-E7EN12T-12M12000kg100mm12MOrange25.98 kg £ 183.98

Out of stock

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