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5 Ton Double “J” Hook Ratchet Tie Down Strap

Ratchet Strap with J Hook
Ratchet Strap with J Hook Close Up
Ratchet Strap with J Hook Close Up 2
Ratchet Strap with J Hook
Ratchet Strap with J Hook Close Up
Ratchet Strap with J Hook Close Up 2

Our light polyester double “J” hook ratchet is designed for secure and safe lifting.

This will come in handy if you need the ratchet strap for work and need portability.

Once you have placed your order, we will aim to dispatch the item for delivery the next working day.

In the rare event that the product is out of stock, we will get the item to you as soon as it comes back into the warehouse.

If you want to check that the item is available before ordering, please call 01772 431 908 or email [email protected].


Blue, Orange


4M, 6M, 8M, 9M, 10M, 12M, 15M, 18M



Breaking Strain


Manufactured in



CE, GS and TUV Approved

Product Material

Polyester Webbing

Conforms to





If in stock – next working day

Delivery to

UK Mainland only (for outside UK Mainland please contact office)

ThumbnailSKUColourLengthWidthBreaking StrainWeightPriceQuantity
rachet-strap-with-j-hook#SY-RTD50-250-4MOrange4M50mm5000kg2.10 KG £ 5.86

240 in stock

5-ton-ratchet-strap-blue (1)#SY-RTD50-250-4MBBlue4M50mm5000kg2.10 KG £ 5.86

529 in stock

rachet-strap-with-j-hook#SY-RTD50-250-6MOrange6M50mm5000kg2.36 KG £ 6.47

779 in stock

5-ton-ratchet-strap-blue (1)#SY-RTD50-250-6MBBlue6M50mm5000kg2.36 KG £ 6.47

488 in stock

rachet-strap-with-j-hook#SY-RTD50-250-8MOrange8M50mm5000kg2.62 KG £ 7.36

533 in stock

5-ton-ratchet-strap-blue (1)#SY-RTD50-250-8MBBlue8M50mm5000kg2.62 KG £ 7.36

615 in stock

rachet-strap-with-j-hook#SY-RTD50-250-9MOrange9M50mm5000kg2.75 KG £ 9.30

30 in stock

5-ton-ratchet-strap-blue (1)#SY-RTD50-250-9MBBlue9M50mm5000kg2.75 KG £ 9.30

29 in stock

rachet-strap-with-j-hook#SY-RTD50-250-10MOrange10M50mm5000kg2.88 KG £ 8.23

617 in stock

5-ton-ratchet-strap-blue (1)#SY-RTD50-250-10MBBlue10M50mm5000kg2.88 KG £ 8.23

635 in stock

rachet-strap-with-j-hook#SY-RTD50-250-12MOrange12M50mm5000kg3.14 KG £ 10.86

476 in stock

rachet-strap-with-j-hook#SY-RTD50-250-15MOrange15M50mm5000kg3.53 KG £ 10.14

7 in stock

ratchet-straps#SY-RTD50-250-18MOrange18M50mm5000kg3.75 KG £ 14.17

133 in stock

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