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5 Ton Round Webbing Sling ‘Single Sleeve’

Our round webbing slings are useful for those who don’t want to carry around heavy equipment, like chain and rope.

The 5 ton single sleeve is manufactured in durable polyester making it easy to carry, store and transport.

We have a range of widths and lengths available so there is a product to suit every customer!

This single sleeve sling comes in red to adhere to the EU regulations for lifting and loading.

We have methodically tested our slings on a 7:1 breaking strain factor to guarantee that they are able to lift, pull and tow a weight of 5 tons.

You will receive the date of manufacture, serial number, safe working load limits and a test certification with your order.

If you have any questions, please contact us directly!




1M, 2M, 3M, 4M, 5M, 6M, 7M, 8M, 9M, 10M, 12M



Breaking Strain


Manufactured in



CE, GS and TUV Approved

Product Material

Polyester Webbing

Conforms to



Individually shrink wrapped


If in stock – 2 working days

Delivery to

UK Mainland only (for outside UK Mainland please contact office)

ThumbnailSKUColourLengthWidthBreaking StrainWeightPriceQuantity
5 Ton Round Sling Optimised#RS-E7EN5T-1MRed1M75mm5000kg1.15 KG £ 6.29

2 in stock

5 Ton Round Sling Optimised#RS-E7EN5T-2MRed2M75mm5000kg2.05 KG £ 12.92

9 in stock

5 Ton Round Sling Optimised#RS-E7EN5T-3MRed3M75mm5000kg3.04 KG £ 19.36

Out of stock

5 Ton Round Sling Optimised#RS-E7EN5T-4MRed4M75mm5000kg4.12 KG £ 24.02

1 in stock

5 Ton Round Sling Optimised#RS-E7EN5T-5MRed5M75mm5000kg5.11 KG £ 30.55

2 in stock

5 Ton Round Sling Optimised#RS-E7EN5T-6MRed6M75mm5000kg6.03 KG £ 36.44

6 in stock

5 Ton Round Sling Optimised#RS-E7EN5T-7MRed7M75mm5000kg8.05 KG £ 45.07

6 in stock

5 Ton Round Sling Optimised#RS-E7EN5T-8MRed8M75mm5000kg9.20 KG £ 48.74

9 in stock

5 Ton Round Sling Optimised#RS-E7EN5T-9MRed9M75mm5000kg10.35 KG £ 58.52

6 in stock

5 Ton Round Sling Optimised#RS-E7EN5T-10MRed10M75mm5000kg11.50 KG £ 67.76

34 in stock

5 Ton Round Sling Optimised#RS-E7EN5T-12MRed12M75mm5000kg13.80 KG £ 85.36

4 in stock

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